St. Helena

Almost 2 000 km from the African coast and 3 500 km from Brazil rises in the middle of the open sea St. Helena, island of sailors and astronomers, of history and contrasts.

The volcanic island with the characteristic profile and the bright colors was once Portuguese, then Dutch, before it came in 1657 in the possession of the British East India Company.


It is one of the most remote islands in the world and the notorious exile of Napoleon in the period from 1815 until his death in 1821. But Saint Helena is much more ... As a haven for the liberated African slaves, she played an important role in the abolition of slavery, which few know today.


For centuries, the island fortress served as the base for the ships of the East India Company on its route, until it lost its strategic importance through the opening of the Suez Canal.


And today's visitor is enchanted by the genuine warmth of the locals, the original biodiversity and beautiful underwater world. Finally, the island impresses with its healthy climate, an undreamt-of wealth of plants and flowers, the purity of the spices and the exciting variety of fragrances that permeate and sustainably characterize all INVINCIBLE ESPRIT spirits.

St. Helena

St Helena is one of the world’s best kept secrets and the ‘St Helena Distillery’ even more so. It really is the most remote distillery in the world!

St. Helena

Out of the darkness into the light ...

What are the secrets of this distant volcanic island?

How did Napoleon's last years live?

Many see in the island the curse of France,

But only too few know the history and treasures of St. Helena.

St. Helena

The island can be reached by plane. Then visitors from all over the world can discover their distinctive surface profile, their unfathomable climate, their scenic beauty and the lush underwater world.

St. Helena

In the middle of the Atlantic, a British territory and French memorial with a lot of history left stranded on the remains of an extinct volcano. Until the airport is opened, the crossing from Cape Town to St. Helena takes another 5 days ... What an adventure between past and present! RAISON D'ÊTRE

St. Helena

INVINCIBLE ESPRIT also offers 4 other spirits produced on the island: the typical Tungi for St. Helena - a unique prickly pear brandy, the coffee liqueur Midnight Mist, the Jamestown Gin and the rum White Lion, also in limited quantities.