St Helena is one of the world’s best kept secrets and the ‘St Helena Distillery’ even more so.


The distillery uses German-made Holstein spirit distilling equipment imported and installed in 2006 and is run by Head Distiller Paul Hickling. Paul, originally from Wales is married to a St Helenian (called "Saints" locally) and trained in Germany. As a proficient qualified distiller he oversees every step of the distilling process.

St Helena's Distillery, the most remote one in the world, now opens its doors! You will discover here INVINCIBLE, it's unique and authentic Brandy.

Besides, White Lion spiced Rum, the sweet coffee liquor Midnight Mist, subtil Jamestown Gin and its prickly pear spirit, the famous refreshing and unequaled Tungi will make you discover new tastes from afar!

Products from St Helena are not numerous but small-scale production of spirits has its place on this island of exceptional vegetation with many endemic species.


Paul and Sally Hickling, owner of the Distillery, produce spirits since 2006 with the German still, directly imported from the manufacture and serviced by German technicians.


Following his move to Alarm Forest, the distillery now occupies a two-storey building, next to which you find a large storage room, close to the fermentation tanks. A tasting area will open soon.


The Tungi was the first spirits to be crafted within the distillery. It is now well known and appreciated on the Island. The art and passion of distillation, Paul keeps developping new ideas for a wider range of products and continues to discover the richness and history of the island, unique and authentic.


Paul Hickling

Olivier Pascal


Adrian Rueegger